A present for you

A few months ago, my friend Michael was in
problems. He was in debt and saw no easy way
out. He and his wife were expecting their
first child which would make the financial
situation even worse.

He hated his job and wished to stop merely
surving and striving.

Michael felt he had yet to start living as
a free man.

More through coincidence than by intent, he
started reading about making money online.

He was sure that most of the guys out there
were scammers faking their success stories
to sell overpriced products.

But the more he watched and listened, the
more he asked himself.

“What if this stuff really works? What if
just 10% of it is true?”

With every day passing on he was more
convinced that he should give it a try.

Especially since the startup costs where so
low. It wasn’t like opening a franchise store
or a McDonald’s restaurant. He had thought
about it before but although Michael was a
risk-taker and entrepreneur in mind,
investing half a million dollars just to start
was out of his reach.

He would not risk the financial future of
his young family by taking on loans.

So he began to learn the art of copywriting.

A few weeks after his start he came to me
and asked:

“Haris, how do you write effective email
subject lines? Is there any secret trick to
getting a high open rate while capturing the
readers attention?”

“You see, it’s not really a trick. It’s a
process you have to apply.”

“Can you show me how to do it?” he asked.

“Sure, the first step is to start building
your swipe file of great headlines and email
subject lines. This way you never have to
start at zero. In fact, the most powerful
subject lines are based on certain principles.
To help you I will give you my swipe file.”

At that time, I had the idea of publishing
the file that I was already using almost every

First thing that came to my mind was: “How
much can I charge for this?”

But my philantrophic streak won. You can
profit from this if you are able to click on a
link and read because…

I will give it to you for free.

Not only that, every new subscriber will get
it as a welcome present after joining my list.

Besides, I will regurarly update the file
with new email subject lines (most of them
can be used as headlines too). Loyal
subscribers will profit the most from my
“178 Ready-to-Use Email Subject Lines That
Will Capture Your Readers Attention”.

Click here to open the PDF file and save it
to your computer because I will delete the
link 48 hours from now.

But there’s catch.

For offering my personal swipe file to you,
I want something in return.

I’d love to hear your feedback on it and
publish it as a testimonial. Deal? OK, just
hit reply and let me know!


P.S. Need inspiration for new emails and
articles? Can’t start writing? Don’t wait
for inspiration. Use this gift I am sending
you right now to craft some killer subject
lines and headlines.

P.P.S. Did you know the legendary Gary
Halbert was paid $195,000 per year just to
write headlines for a client? The art of
copywriting is indeed a skill that might
solve your money problems forever.

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