ASAP Yourself, Boss! I Want My Life Back.

A few months ago, my boss came to me with
an urgent customer request that had to be
dealt with immediately. An important
customer. Escalation potential. Blah.
Blah. Blah.

“I was just about to go home. Why do I care
about the damn client?”

That’s what I should have said to my boss.
Unfortunately, I had to shut my mouth and
stay in the office longer than usual.

I really hated to tell it to my wife. We
had plans to go out to the movies that
evening. We had already organized a
babysitter for our son. Naida was excited
about our “date”, as she called it.

All of it fell short because of a moron
in a large corporation who realized he
needed a problem fixed right now.

I hated it.

Don’t you hate it too when your boss
tells you to get in his office, be it
good or bad, and you HAVE to come?

Or when a superior asks you if you can
take the call for him? As if you have a
choice, right?

The unproductive meetings you have to
participate in.

The corporate world is a special world.

Sure, it gives you security and pays the

But, you pay a high price for it.

You pay the price of freedom and

How can you truly grow with a boss behind
your back?

Let me ask you:

What’s the best way to get you freedom
and joy back?

It’s email copywriting.

The great part about it…

You can start WHILE you have your
full-time job.

You decide when you’re ready to FREE

Let other people put up with the corporate

Be smart.

Have courage.

Be hungry.

Maybe you think I’ve written my texts
from a desk at home or a Starbucks cafe.

The truth is I have created most of it
during my daily commute to work. I wrote this
email during lunch break where I chose NOT
to sit with the rest of the guys and listen
to which episode of Game of Thrones they’re
watching at the moment.

Instead, I pretended I was texting my wife,
thinking “Leave me alone, I have to finish
this email, haha.”

Imagine starting your journey to freedom
with email copywriting.

Imagine being truly free. The choice is
simple. After all, you can’t put a price
tag on your personal freedom, can you?

But the problem is this: with wrong advice
or important parts missing, you either
enthusiastically try out new ideas just to
find out that after a few weeks, the author
didn’t reveal 100% of what he knows. Or they
just had luck with their results. The other
thing that might happen to you is you
relentlessly repeat what you’ve been taught.
Over and over again. But, the truth is you
aren’t going anywhere.

Because a lot of the advice out there is
just useless.

I advise you to follow a system that’s
proven and effective.

To get your personal freedom back, go and
order John’s Masterclass. It will give you
everything you need to build your email
copywriting career today. So, let’s get you
off that job of yours and live life on
your own terms.

Talk to you soon.


P.S. Don’t get me wrong, you can have a
great time having a job for a while. Just
don’t think it’s secure (there is no
‘secure’ job). Keep building other streams
of income. Start today.

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