Can You Become A Great Copywriter?

I have to tell you something. When I first found out about copywriting, I thought it was a scam.

I thought most of the people were just exaggerating, overstating their income while keeping it a secret that they still live with their parents.

It seemed too good to be true.

Now, let me tell you one thing: 

I changed my opinion 100%. Today, I am convinced being a copywriter is one of the coolest things you can be.

In the beginning, people often ask themselves. “Even if it’s true… is it possible for me? I was never a writer really.”

So, can you become a high-paid freelance copywriter? Can you live a life of freedom and flexibility? Or even build a business on this skill alone?

It’s true. You can.

You CAN start a successful freelancing career.
You CAN work from home, in the mornings, or evenings or whenever you please.
You CAN make a living on 20 hours of work per week – if you stick to it, you can make a fortune.

What do you need to achieve this?

1. Motivation – You have to be hungry. Check my interview series for inspiration. Or anything else that works for you.
2. Application – You have to implement the RIGHT things. I’ll explain later on.
3. Intelligence – Let’s be real, this won’t work for someone who’s a complete moron or allergic to books.
4. SELF-BELIEF – You have to be convinced you’ll make it. You have to believe in yourself because no one else will.
5. Practice. You have to work at your writing skills every single day.

And that should always be your mantra.

Write, write, write.

Write in spite of self-doubt. In spite of previous failures. In spite of your friends or colleagues laughing at you. In spite of strange looks from your lover.

Write, brother. Or sister.

Write like you’ve never written before. Make the words fly. Write instead of not having anything to say. Write just for the sake of it.

Write every day. Even if it’s just a paragraph. Or sentence. One sentence or headline a day. That’s enough to keep you going when dark clouds arise above you. When you question the purpose of your journey.

Write when you are depressed. When you are ecstatic. Write when you see no way out.

Write when you have something to say. Write when you don’t. Every day. Without exception.

Write in spite of all your failures so far. In spite of everything life has thrown at you. In spite of all your doubts.

Write no matter what.

And don’t stop until it bankrupts you.

Develop that one skill that will make all the difference in your life.

Develop your copywriting skills to make your dream happen. You’ll get paid for the value you bring to the market. Learning to write copy is one of the skills that belong to the best-paid ones… yet is one few people really understand.

You know what the greatest part of being a freelance copywriter is? You get paid to learn. With every project, your skills are more refined. You sharpen your saw. And that makes you more valuable to the market. Which results in higher prices.

I promise you – it’s worth it. It’s your best way of freeing yourself from your boss and the job you hate.

You have a choice. Adapt to the role you hate with everything that comes with it… like office politics, unfulfilled promises, and following orders. But how about you take the part of your job you are the best at and use that skill to start your freelancing career? What do you think about that? If you’re good at something, start doing it for yourself.

One of the things I am good at is learning from others and creating helpful content. For that reason, I am working on an ebook/online course about getting clients as a freelance copywriter.

It will show you proven ways from real life on how to find clients. They are based on my research and, more importantly, on my interview series with successful freelance copywriters from all around the world.

I didn’t try out every single one of their tips and techniques. But other people did. Which makes it extremely valuable for you. You not only get dozens of ways to find clients. You get a broad arsenal of tools and tactics. You’ll even get the exact person who uses an exact tactic with their contact details (through my interview series). So, if you have questions, you could easily reach out and ask for help.

Is it guaranteed another freelancer will share his way of getting clients in detail with you? No. It all depends on how you approach them, what niche you are in etc.

But with many, you will see it in practice on their websites or social profiles. Observe and learn.

So, here’s the deal:

I will create a course with the best ways to get clients as a freelance copywriter through LinkedIn. It will include freelance copywriters already using this powerful platform every single day to get new business.

If you want to be one of the first who gets access to the course on getting clients through LinkedIn:

Get on the waiting list now.

Have a great day!

Haris Halkic

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