Grind. Hustle. Succeed?

A few days ago, I did my first interview with an A-list copywriter. As I learned, an A-list copywriter is someone who belongs to the best-paid writers in the world.

Her name is Kim and she quit her six-figure job to write copy and made 50% more money in just her first year. Exactly 20 years later, she’s still kicking ass in the copywriting industry. Now, if you’re looking for an inspiring story, you’ve just found it.

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I’ve Watched Them Do Insane Things

I can’t tell you how many times I just shook my head with frustration during the last week. The reason is something you are already annoyed of: the new European data privacy regulation, short GDPR.

Companies of all sizes made unbelievably stupid moves. I’ve seen them completely stop using email marketing! It seems everybody got into a collective craze that amplified itself the nearer the final date came when GDPR is enforced. That date was May, 25th.

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Can You Become A Great Copywriter?

I have to tell you something. When I first found out about copywriting, I thought it was a scam.

I thought most of the people were just exaggerating, overstating their income while keeping it a secret that they still live with their parents.

It seemed too good to be true.

Now, let me tell you one thing: 

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Success Is 90% R&R

Many years ago when I was 9-teen, I trained Taekwondo. That’s a form of martial arts coming from Korea where you do a lot of kicks. So besides the fact that I loved it, it was also cool for showing off some impressive high kicks.

Interestingly, Taekwondo is also very common in North Korea. It’s a fundamental part of the military training in the North Korean army. Maybe even Kim Yong Un is able to deliver some roundhouse kicks. Trump better not underestimate Kim-bo Spice (in the style of MMA fighter Kimbo Slice).

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The Blind Waiter

A few years ago, I went to a “blind café” where it is completely dark so you can’t see a freaking thing. The waiters are all blind. It’s really a great way to experience how they live every day.

And it makes you really grateful for everything you have in life after you get out. It’s just so hard to even drink a coffee in the dark.

Today this situation makes me think of all the people who want to become a successful copywriter or get more clients to book that Bahamas vacation with their wife without having to overdraft their bank account or save the whole year.

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One Of The Greatest Joys In Life

Today, I visited a supermarket in Esslingen where I live. It’s a supermarket I have a special connection to. When I approached the cashout area, there it was in the fridge!

The drink I have created in 2015. What a great feeling it is to see your product on the shelf. I wish I could share this with you.

When I started a beverage company and created the rest relaxation drink, this was the first supermarket that bought it. 

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I Just Don’t Have The Time

This morning I was waiting for the suburban train like every morning. Arranging new interviews with copyrighters on my eye-phone while doing so.

Most of the time I manage to stay fairly concentrated, not paying attention to the gossip and small talk by the people around me.

But today was different. This morning the conversation of strangers waiting for the same train slipped through my mental filter.

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That Nasty Watermelon Almost Made Me Cry

One evening in Spring of 2016, when I was shopping for groceries after work I almost cried. The reason for this was a rather small watermelon in a supermarket.

It’s not that I dislike watermelons. In fact, I enjoy eating them a lot. They are my favorite fruit (together with oranges). Plus, they are scarce because you can only get them during summer season where I live. Compared to oranges that are available throughout the whole year.

And although I love watermelons, this one was the most bitter watermelon in my whole life.

Here’s what happened,

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She Chose Her Destiny Herself

A couple nights ago, I was watching a
mediocre martial arts movie. There was a
line that struck me.

Now, I rarely watch TV – maybe once or
twice per month. Although I do enjoy a great
movie from time to time, generally speaking,
TV is a waste of time for me.

So, it just so happened that I was browsing
the net on my iPad while the movie Forbidden
Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li was
running in the background. I was quite bored
with it. I’m not into fantasy, really.

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The Advice My Father Gave Me

My father is a retired man. He is a
great man. Having achieved a lot under
very difficult circumstances.

He moved away from home at 15 years of
age, leaving behind his home village
because of poverty and the wish to escape
it. At first, he moved to Slovenia, which
was part of former Yugoslavia.

But to him, it was still a foreign country
because he spoke no Slovenian. After a
couple years, he moved to Germany, as it
offered even more opportunity. He was
determined to make his dream happen.

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