Falling Is Not Funny

Yesterday, I read the following quote
by Richie Branson:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules.
You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

At first, I thought: “Yeah, that’s the
attitude of a true entrepreneur. Dressing
like an ass-tronaut. Dicktating the terms of
your life and so on.”

But then I realized it was horse shit. And
the smile on my face vanished.

It’s not cool to fall. And it’s not cool to
just focus on learning by doing. Often, it’s
not even cool to break the rules.

Although I respect Richard Branson (his books
are great), many people misunderstand him.

As an entrepreneur, you want all the help you
can get in succeeding. When you’re starting
out in a new industry, you’re like a child
learning to ride a bicycle for the first time.

Don’t you too think it’s more intelligent to
use training wheels because it means fewer
bruises and faster progress? Think about it.
What happens if you keep on falling without a
sense of achievement? Exactly – your motivation
goes to the toilet. And after your motivation
is already there, it’s kind of hard to get it

Now, what does all that have to do with you?
I’ll tell you exactly what it has to do with

When starting an online business that is based
on email copywriting, wouldn’t you use ALL the
tools and knowledge you can get to reduce the
number of times you fall?

Obviously, you would.

Because falling is not funny.

It hurts.

You see, most of the people get it completely
wrong when it comes to email copywriting.

They either get lost in the catacombs of the
Internet – since copywriting seems to be a topic
everybody has at least two opinions on – or they
try to follow every marketer and his cousin.
These people, sadly, get completely lost.
They waste too much time on things like reading
the classic books on advertising from Robert
Collier or David Ogilvy. They’re nice books.
But truth be told, I don’t care how many
copywriting books you’ve read. I care what’s
in your bank account.

What you have to do is really simple.

Right from the start, you should decide on ONE
system that’s foolproof and money-drenching.
From someone who makes a living writing emails.
That’s ALL it takes. That is ENOUGH to get paid.

To get there, you must acknowledge that you need
help in the beginning.

So, get some ass-istance to keep your butt

By the way, Richard Branson did the same thing.
Before starting the first airline to attack the
giant British Airways, he consulted with the
guy who tried it before him – and failed. He
got him on board and learned what mistakes to
avoid from him when starting the David against
Goliath fight.

Do the same.

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Talk to you soon,


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