How to write emails for maximum effect

As a reader of my emails you’ll notice that I don’t write like a book author.

I just write like I talk.

That’s way easier for me & it enables me to bond with my audience.

Make your emails sound like a talk you would have with someone sitting in front of you.

Of course, since the reader can’t respond, it’s not a real conversation.

For that reason, you must lead the reader in his thinking, you must create an image in his head, a vision of his future self that leads him exactly where you want him to go.

You want your reader to start thinking about that vision, about a dream that is part of him.

Then you want him to accept that the vision is possible for him as well. And the next step is for him to start asking himself HOW he can get there.

Now, you come in like a magician on a child’s birthday pulling the rabbit out of the hat.


I have the solution and I can sell it to you.

But it’s so important you do the work before that – you must lead your reader to the sale by your writing and offers.

You can only achieve that by knowing exactly what to say.

That’s what I’ll show you in my ebook that you can’t buy yet – it will be released during the next weeks with a special offer.

Use every opportunity to craft the image of the desired outcome of your prospect. Don’t assume. Lead and create.

Often people don’t know what they want.

If Steve Jobs would have asked people in a survey if they want an iPhone or smartphone, they would not know.

Because it was something completely new.

Same goes for the Internet lifestyle for most of the people. They need someone to open their eyes.

To show them the life that is possible for them too.

To achieve this goal, you must write in a simple, colorful, direct language.

Don’t write like a professor or government official.

Write like you talk.

In my ebook I will show you in detail how to:

* Create Compelling Content That Leaves Your Readers Engaged and Interested

* Decide for the Right Audience – Do This Wrong and You Won’t Be Successful No Matter How Hard You Work

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Stay tuned.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best!


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