“I got **** octopus coming out of my ears.”

– “I quit.” he yelled at his boss.

Do you remember this scene from the movie
Scarface where Tony Montana, played by
Al Pacino, explodes? He has enough of
working for minimum wage in a small fast
food outlet.

The story revolves around a Cuban
immigrant named Tony Montana who comes
to the U.S. as a refugee.

As he is chasing the American dream, he
realizes during that night shift, he
will never make it this way.

Tony Montana throws his apron on the
ground and quits on the spot. He is just
too ambitious for the small stuff.

There’s a great lesson here: You will
never make it big working for someone
else. You know, that way others decide
when you are ready for more. How much you
get paid. When you work. How you work.

The real problem is:

Someone else is in control of your destiny.

In life and in business you’re either in
the driver’s seat or your the co-driver
which means you are living someone else’s

The sooner you step into freedom the better.

Let me ask you: Isn’t there more to your
life? Aren’t you capable of much more if
you are honest with yourself?

You see, you don’t even have to chose the
path Tony Montana did of becoming a drug

In email copywriting and infopublishing
there is more money to be made than in
building a cocaine business.

In fact, I believe Tony Montana himself
would have chosen the path of email
copywriting if he knew about it.

But… when I think about it… Tony
might have had to do some anger management
before starting the client work, hahaha.

Up until 2017, I didn’t even know there
existed email copywriters who get paid
thousands of dollars for writing effective
emails for other businesses or themselves.

Anyway, another benefit of making a living
like this Tony Montana would have loved:
It’s all digital.

Not only does that mean you never have to
carry heavy bags full of money into the
bank like Tony had to. Because your payments
are deposited real-time directly to your
bank account.

What it it truly means is this:

You are free to live the way you want to.
You like to go surfing in the morning and
start your work after that? No problem.

Want to travel around the world the whole
year ‘working’ just 30-60 minutes a day
sending an email to your list? Guess what?
There are already people doing this. In
addition, this business is ‘mobile
optimized’ – a smartphone with internet
conection is enough to rock!

And the best part: There is a constant
shortage of good email copywriters.
Businesses all over the world need guys
like you.

You can become one of them by acting today.

Enroll NOW to the webinar with John to
find out more.

Come on in – and learn from John, one of
the best email copywriters in the world.

You‘ll be ecstatic you did.


P.S. Btw, I had a similar job like Tony
many years ago. No octopus, but lots of
sausages, onions and dishes to wash. I made
sure that I got out as soon as possible,
that I can tell you! Get rid of octopus
jobs and start making money with John’s

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