Interviews with Successful Freelance Copywriters

Read the amazing stories of successful freelance copywriters and discover some of their secrets on learning how to write copy, get clients and build a successful writing career.

Besides writing to my email list and sharing my story, I enjoy doing interviews with freelance copywriters from all around the world.

Do you want to know who I’ve interviewed so far?

I’ll tell you.

Just be aware of the fact that your life can change forever if you keep on reading. If you don’t know what copywriting is, you will be amazed at the stories and lifestyle of freelance writers, bloggers and copywriters. If you are already in business, be prepared for incredible tips and strategies you can implement today.

Below, you’ll get the whole list.

Another thing you might be wondering about is…

‘Why do you interview all these freelance copywriters?’

I’m glad you asked. There are a couple of reasons:

  1. Like most people, I enjoy reading a good story from real life.
  2. I like getting to know new interesting copywriters and being part of this amazing global community.
  3. The interviews help freelancers share their story and market their services.
  4. My readers and the copywriters really like what I do, which motivates me even more.
  5. It’s a great opportunity to learn from successful copywriters you would normally never get to know.

What is that? You have a pretty interesting story to share yourself? But you are wondering if it might be a good fit for my interview series?

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Interviews with Successful Freelance Copywriters

    1. How Brocton Rye Started From Scratch And Became A Successful Freelance Copywriter

    2. How Amar Hasic Went From A First Client Who Hated His Work To A Copywriting Career

    3. Brad Dunn: The Lifestyle Of A Freelance Copywriter

    4. Copywriter Matthew Katz – How To Get Clients Through Referrals

    5. Bisma Hashmi – “I Enjoy The Perfect Work-Life-Balance And Have More Time For My Kids.”

    6. Deanna Blanchard – “How I Was Hired By Clayton Makepeace Without Any Experience”

    7. Freelance Copywriter Brit McGinnis On Starting Her Copywriting Career

    8. Copywriter Eleanor Goold – How To Market Yourself Online

    9. Kaiden Laverty On How To Get Clients To Come To You

    10. Chris Worth On How To Build A Sustainable Copywriting Business

    11. Helena Baker Shares How To Successfully Handle The Challenges Of Freelance Copywriting

    12. Sophie de Albuquerque On How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

    13. How Heather Catherine Orr Achieved Her Dream Of Freelance Copywriting

    14. Freelance Copywriter Glenn Fisher About The Best Way To Get Started

    15. A-List Copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm About Building A Long-Term Career As a Freelance Copywriter

    16. Andrew Nattan’s Best Advice On Getting Started As A Freelance Copywriter

    17. Sarah Anderson On How To Become An Email Copywriter And Start A Home-Based Business

    18. Ginette Gower On How To Tell Compelling Stories

    19. How Sanina Kaur Went From Journalist And PR Professional To Freelance Copywriter

    20. How Graeme Piper Became A Freelance Copywriter And His Advice To Everybody Starting Out

    21. Freelance Copywriter Mark D. Underdahl Reveals How He Gets Clients And Finishes Client Projects

    22. André Spiteri Shares His Best Tips On Getting Clients And Writing Copy

    23. How Lindsay Deidda Beat The Italian Economic Crisis By Hiring Herself

    24. Jessamine Marie On Working With Agencies And The Right Mindset To Succeed

    25. Interview With Fiona Gardiner On How To Design Your Life With Freelance Copywriting

    26. Interview With Gill Andrews On How To Get Freelance Copywriting Clients Through Website Critiques

    27. How Patti Haus Went From A Fun Side-Project To A Freelance Copywriting Career

    28. Abinash Singh On The Passion For Copywriting And His Way To Freelancing

    29. Ben Masters On Choosing The Right Clients

    30. Nate Schmidt On How To Use Email Copywriting And Twitter To Build Your Dropshipping Business

    31. Dan Marzullo On How To Build Your Brand With Social Media

    32. Shahid Abbasi Shares The Best Copywriting Marketplaces

    33. How Jamie Thomson Quit His 9-to-5 Job And Built His Copywriting Agency Step-By-Step

    34. Angela Rodgers On The Best Way To Get Started With Freelance Copywriting

    35. How Stacey Kelleher – Pino Said Goodbye To A 9-5 Schedule And Never Looked Back

    36. Consistent Communication Is The Most Important Success Factor – Dave Schafer

    37. How To Get High-Paying Clients Through Cold-Pitching – Cyndyl McCutcheon

    38. Kate Greenwood On Successfully Combining Inhouse Copywriting With Freelancing

    39. How A Weird Gym Injury Made Grant Lannin Become A Freelance Copywriter

    40. Growing Businesses And Improving Lives With Copywriting – Judy Olbrych

    41. How To Make Money Writing With The Right Mindset – Rose Womelsdorf

    42. “Freelance Copywriting Needs To Be Part Of Your Lifestyle, Not Just A Job.” – Grant Wood

    43. How To Move To A New Country With Freelance Copywriting – Rob Hooks

    44. From Full-Time Job To Freelance Copywriting: How To Make The Leap – Anna Lewin

    45. How Mike Searles Escaped Unemployment And Found The Freedom Of Copywriting

    46. How To Make The Dream Of Retirement Through Writing Come True – Penny Hunt

    47. How Build Your Career As A Freelance Technical Copywriter – John Espirian

    48. “Freelance gives you freedom. I won’t ever be employed again.” – Stuart Walton

    49. How To Start At Zero And Succeed As A Freelance Copywriter – Matt Ambrose

    50. Joanne Lefferson On How To Break Into Freelance Copywriter Online

    51. The Power Of Networking For Building A Freelance Copywriting Career – Chris Allsop

    52. Paul Buzan On The Exact Rules Of Becoming A Freelance Copywriter From Scratch

    53. Lisa Slater’s Tips On Freelance Writing And Blogging For Business

    54. Michael Wood On How To Travel The World Through Freelance Copywriting

    55. Meghan Thomson Share Tips On Successful Networking & How To Beat Writer’s Block

    56. “Clients are the hardest to find when your skills are the weakest.” – Holland Webb

    57. John Simons On How Copywriting Helped Start The Clothing Brand bigsexy inc.

    58. Nikki Sorensen Evans On The Secrets Of Copywriting For Nonprofit Organizations

    59. Linda Muterspaugh’s Advice On Choosing The Right Niche And Leveraging LinkedIn

    60. Jefferson Vinall Reveals His Best Advice On Transitioning To Freelance Copywriting

    61. How Jessica Swanda Trained Herself To Become A Freelance Copywriter

    62. Veronika Kabarguina On Getting Clients Through Cold Emailing & LinkedIn

    63. Katie Tilden On How To Set Up A Copywriting Business & Have More Time For Your Family