I’ve Watched Them Do Insane Things

I can’t tell you how many times I just shook my head with frustration during the last week. The reason is something you are already annoyed of: the new European data privacy regulation, short GDPR.

Companies of all sizes made unbelievably stupid moves. I’ve seen them completely stop using email marketing! It seems everybody got into a collective craze that amplified itself the nearer the final date came when GDPR is enforced. That date was May, 25th.

Most people didn’t fully understand what it was about and almost all of them did amazingly stupid things. I got dozens of emails where I KNEW they had a Double-Opt-In asking me to confirm my subscription or I would get no more messages.

All but one of them were punished by me by doing nothing. Which is equivalent to unsubscribing. The was just guy’s newsletter I confirmed although unnecessary because he already had my double-opt-in. But he had great copy and found an interesting angle to inform about it.

During the last weeks, I’ve seen companies from 20 to 200,000 employees loose 90% of their mailing lists. Just because their data data security officer or lawyer decided in the last minutes ‘they would be on the safe side’ if they did this and that.

It’s insane.

For you as marketer and copywriter this is interesting not only for the fact that disinformed and anxious masses are capable of extremely unlogical deeds. Just observe stock market crashes.

Another thing is much more important.

Scarcity and deadlines work. They make people act because they fear loosing out. I hope the craziness of the last weeks has proven that to you. I’ve seen many marketers use this principle in various forms with great success.

But there is a way of doing it right and wrong. Doing it too obviously or ‘salesy’ as some like to call it. And it will backfire on your whole offer.

I have done an interview with a great copywriter that will help you avoid that mistake. I won’t reveal who it is, yet. You will profit from the experiences of someone who has done it. Just make sure you don’t miss any of the next interviews.

After the GDPR panic is over, some people will laugh some will cry. As often in life, the ones keeping calm and doing nothing will profit.

You can belong to the ones laughing in future while others watch in amazement how you did it. Enroll now

Talk to you soon

Haris Halkic

P.S. Right now, I am also working on an interview with the amazing Matt Ambrose who’s program you should get your hands on.

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