Make Email Pay for It

“If you are in need of truly world-class
copywriting… you are probably going
to have to learn to do it yourself.”

That’s what Gary Halbert once wrote in
one of his legendary newsletter issues.


That might sound like a heavy blow to you
if you were already mapping out your future
info publishing empire trying to hire
copywriters on Upwork.

At least, it was like that for me.

Because I myself have made the mistake of
thinking you can outsource copywriting. You
can’t. Actually, I’ve tried it numerous times.
It didn’t work out.

Yes, I realize you can get copywriting from
outside – even better than you think if
you’re willing to pay a premium price for it.

That’s the good news. The bad news is: you
really won’t be as successful as you could
be by acquiring this skill yourself. Only
your own personal copywriting style will be
effective to the very maximum.

Let me tell you – you have to learn
copywriting yourself. It will pay off in
the long and short run.

“Come on, bro… I need revenue now. I can’t
spend the next two years trying to learn
copywriting.” I hear you complain.

And you’re right. Learning traditional
copywriting for direct mail or long-form
sales letters is one of the toughest jobs
on the planet. You’ll have to invest a lot
of time and energy into acquiring this
skill. It’s slow.

I know what you’re thinking… “How should
I pay my bills as I learn copywriting?”

My friend, the answer to this question will
surprise you: Email.

Make email pay for it.

Email copywriting is different from
traditional copywriting – It’s fast, easy
to learn, effective, and gives you a lot of
opportunities. And it’s lucrative.

Even for beginners, it’s common to get paid
$50-100 per email. So even if you’re really
slow at writing and it takes you two hours
to complete one email, you’ll make $200-400
per day on an eight-hour workday.

That should be enough to pay the bills. What
is more important, it will give you the
freedom to further improve your copywriting
skills, which will result in even higher
pay for you.

As you go along, the sky’s the limit.

You see, email is everywhere. And most of
the email copy being sent is horrible. In
combination, this gives you and me a LOT
of opportunities.

As you realize how to get results for your
clients, they will kiss your hands.

My friend, you just have to make the decision
to embark on this journey of becoming a
freelance email copywriter. Because email
is here to stay… and to make you money year
after year.

Another great part of it: it doesn’t change.
You don’t have to stay up-to-date. The skill
you acquire today will serve you as long as
you live.

You can finally get to see how powerful the
skill of email copywriting truly is.

“Now what?” you ask.

Let me tell you – just like someone doing a
safari in the African desert for the first
time, you need a roadmap and a guide. Unless
you do so, you might easily end up as a lion’s
dinner. Or a crocodile snack. Whichever you

You need every help you can get. Templates on
how to approach clients word by word. What
to learn. Which advice and resources to ignore.
A teacher that can be reached if you have
questions. And much more.

Imagine you could have all of that in one place.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

That’s why I’ll direct you to someone special:
John McIntyre – someone who once walked in our
shoes. You can find all of the above in John’s
Masterclass, which is the only product I
endorse right now.


It’s the only one I know to get results fast.
In fact, I think you can easily get your money
back during the first 30 days if you don’t
make as much as you paid for. Just shoot John
an email and he’ll refund you during the first
30 days.

Wait a minute! What in the world am I hearing?
You are undecided and wondering if you can
learn email copywriting ON YOUR OWN?

Can you become successful as an email copywriter
WITHOUT this course? You definitely can! But
it’s as clever as learning to snowboard without
a teacher. It will be hard. You will repeat
stupid, unnecessary mistakes others had done
before you because you didn’t know better. You
will hurt yourself.

Go the easy, proven way.

Enroll NOW in the free webinar with John to
find out more.

Come on in – and learn from John, one of the
best email copywriters in the world.

You’ll be ecstatic you did.


P.S. You won’t be able to close John’s
Masterclass once you start. It’s life-changing.

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