My LinkedIn Story

I’m just a regular sales guy who has been working as an Account Executive for the past few years, living with my wife and son in a small town in South Germany.

I joined LinkedIn on December 4th, 2014, and, like most people, treated it primarily as a career network.

It was instrumental in helping me land jobs in software sales, but I didn’t realize its full potential until November 2023.

That’s when I decided to explore LinkedIn as more than just a career network.

Almost nine years after joining, I moved beyond viewing it solely as a job-seeking platform.

I started to actively engage with the community: responding to posts, sharing my own insights, and connecting with inspiring individuals.

Now, in my third month of this new approach, here’s what has happened so far:

  • My profile views have skyrocketed.
  • My network has grown by 5,000 followers.
  • I’ve connected with many sales influencers.
  • Old colleagues and managers have reconnected.
  • My posts have reached nearly 1 million impressions.
  • I’ve learned a lot about sales, which really helps in my job.
  • I’ve seen a surge in recruiters offering exciting job opportunities.
  • I’ve received invitations to podcasts, webinars, and collaborative projects.

Currently, I am working on a short guide detailing the exact steps I took. My goal is to help others replicate this success.

If you are interested let me know by sending a DM on LinkedIn