My Top 10 Favorite Gary Halbert Copywriting Advice & Tips


Gary Halbert is a legend. He was one of the best and most famous copywriters who ever lived. His Gary Halbert Letter (which you can still access online to a great part) made him immortal. More importantly, Gary wasn’t only a great copywriter but he was also a great teacher. Someone who could simplify the concepts of writing winning ads and was willing to teach them.

Just read a few issues of his Gary Halbert Letter and you will learn more from it than from any blog post, book or course out there. Gary is probably responsible for introducing more people to the art of copywriting and direct mail than any other person before or after him.

His texts are read to this day and an important resource to every copywriter.

In this post I’ve tried to create a list of my top 10 favorite Gary Halbert copywriting advice & tips. Enjoy and feel free to add favorite quotes from Gary Halbert that you are missing.

My 10 favorite quotes from Gary Halbert:

1. “The primary and most important thing in all of Direct Mail Land is to get the envelope delivered and opened.”

2. “The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe.”

3. “It’s a matter of timing. Selling is like seduction. If you ask a woman to go to bed with you, whether or not she says ‘yes’ is largely a matter of when you ask her.”

4. “Selling is not yelling. Selling is not tricks.”

5. “PASSION… Let your excitement and enthusiasm spill out all over the page. Don’t hold back. Put that pen to the page and RAVE!”

6. “Get yourself a collection of good ads and DM pieces and read them aloud and copy them in your own handwriting.”

7. “The most important thing is a hungry market. Not a brilliant burger.”

8. “Find a market first… and then concentrate on a product.”

9. “Motion beats meditation.”

10. “Everyone wants to climb the mountain, but the big difference between those at the top and those still on the bottom is simply a matter of showing up tomorrow to give it just one more shot.”

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