No Easy Way Out

I almost put the door out of it‘s
angles when I entered the living room.

Naida looked up. She wasn’t sure if I
was either angry or energetic.

“I hate this job! I have to change

My face left no doubt how angry I was.

Although I hated being like this to her
because my wife wasn’t the reason for
my emotional state, I couldn’t suppress it.

In addition to that, I had debt from our
beverage startup that had to be repayed
every month. That didn’t left any money
for things like going out, travel or even
just some quality food sometimes.

It felt bad because it seemed nothing would
change soon.

“You are not alone. Thousands of young man
are in financial trouble. It takes time to
work your way up in the company you are in,

“No, Naida, I don‘t want to do what everybody
does. I want more. And I need quick solutions.
Something has to happen NOW.”

“I know, darling, we need the money even
more now that I stay at home with our baby.”

“I know.” I answered briefly.

She understood more from what I did not say.

“What do you want to do? Please, tell me
you’re not going to do something risky?”

I knew she would never understand. I just
had to get out of the treadmill, start living
instead of merely existing. I wanted freedom
and success instead of taking orders and
being part of other people’s dreams.

“No, I won’t. I will make this possible
part-time. That way we have the security of a
job and enough money to pay off our debt and
go on a great vacation to the Bahamas.”

Later that day I had an skype call with Max,
my business coach. Actually, Max was a friend
who was making a living online and never had
a real job after getting out of college.

“Max, I need more money NOW. I hate
my job.”

“What do you mean?” asked Max puzzled.

“I‘ve red a couple blogs where people talk
about making a living online and building
your own business.”

“I see.”

“I wouldn’t believe a word of what they were
saying unless I knew you.”

“You better believe it.” Now, there was a
smile on Max’ face.

“Can you teach me how to do it, Max?”

“You‘ve done the first step by reaching out.
It’s always best to learn from someone who
already did what you are trying to accomplish.”

“Great! I have a thousand questions! Should I
create a product first? Should I learn
copywriting first? What tools do I need? Maybe
I should try out a lot of different things?”

“No”, Max stopped me in my enthusiasm “there
is a proven system to succeed. A magic secret
the people don’t know about. Every successful
online marketer I know uses it. But nobody
talks about it.”

“What’s the secret?”

“There is a secret and proven path you have
to follow. A path I have seen hunderds of
entrepreneurs follow and building thriving
businesses. There might be other ways, but
this one works for me. Everybody is allowed
to use it. It’s just that almost no one
teaches you how to do it.”

“For someone in your situation” Max
continued, “this is the perfect system.
And in my opinion it’s the best.”

“What do I have to do, Max?”

“The first step of finding a mentor and coach
you have already mastered by contacting me.
You have to fully accept and use the same
system that I used and promise to follow it
until you succeed, right?”

“Yes, I will. I want the same results you are
getting. And I‘m convinced it works because
I know you.”

„Thank you for your trust. The next step is
to think about skills and interests you have.
At the same time you have to evaluate the
market to see if you can make money with
your topic. I will send you a matrix that
makes it easier for you. Please make sure
your idea falls into one of the big categories:

* wealth/finance,
* marketing/biz ops
* health/weight loss

Your chances for making money are endless
here. Also are the cooperation possibilities.
I will talk to you next week. Now I have an
appointment with a beautiful lady I don’t
want to keep waiting.”

Besides business, Max was primarily interested
in women. He quickly got up and said goodbye.
I had my homework until our next meeting that
I was looking forward to. I felt like an
exciting jouney was about to begin.

That story shows you how I got started.

Right now, you are wondering what system Max
was talking about. It was John’s Masterclass.
Get it here.

Talk to you soon.


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