One Of The Greatest Joys In Life

Today, I visited a supermarket in Esslingen where I live. It’s a supermarket I have a special connection to. When I approached the cashout area, there it was in the fridge!

The drink I have created in 2015. What a great feeling it is to see your product on the shelf. I wish I could share this with you.

When I started a beverage company and created the rest relaxation drink, this was the first supermarket that bought it. 

How did I pull it off? Simple. I went inside and asked if I can speak the owner to show him a product I had created and was trying to distribute through retail. His name was Mr. Besemer and he was very friendly. Mr. Besemer bought a whole display with 216 cans on the spot.

At that time our displays weren’t yet manufactured so I went to my parents whom I was visiting during these days. Together we created a display out of an old ikea table. We used decoration and fruits to make it a real eyecatcher.

I can tell you, it was a lot of work. But it was all worth it. Seeing the people look at the cans in the stores and getting interested in the product felt phenomenal. The feeling of putting hours and hours into a product and finally see somebody buy it or drink it is unbelievable.

One of the lessons this first customer taught me was: just do it. Make the sale. Don’t wait for perfection. Tell your story. People love that.

This is something I try to integrate into everything I do online. Being yourself. Being human.

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Today, the company I started doesn’t exist any more. The cans of the rest relaxation drink are the only ones left to buy. There will be no more. It’s kind of ironic that the first supermarket who started selling it is also the last to offer the drink.

I was kind of sad when I saw that the cans were no longer available there. Seeing this today, makes my day. From time to time it’s great to remember yourself of the great things you have done in the past. And that you can be successful no matter what other people say or think.

What is something you are proud of?

Be awesome.

Haris Halkic

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