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“Haris uses clear, yet powerful language to inspire readers to take action and do more, all while providing mega-useful, real-world examples any one of us could use.”

Jasmin Alic
Copywriter & Award-Winning Educator, Writinado

“I definitely recommend your email subject lines report. I think it’s great.”

Eleanor Goold
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“I’m really enjoying reading through all the interviews on your site – I’m learning something new about copywriting (and the copywriters themselves) with every post.”

Jamie Thomson
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“I’m just having a browse through your site now. Great content. Super useful for freelancers like myself.”

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“If you’re a freelance copywriter, you’ll get oodles of value by going through Haris Halkic’s blog. I definitely did. Check him out if you have a little time!”

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Grant Lannin
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