Selling Soap as a Guy

She said: “I’m sick of it. You need to finish
something.” – These are the words my wife said
to me in December of 2016 shortly after our

She got tired of me starting something just to
abandon it for something even more promising.
After a while, she had trouble keeping up with
my various endeavors. I would get an idea, start
out a new path, and then get another idea and
follow it. It was confusing to watch.

For example, I once discovered you could make
soap at your home with a few forms from Amazon
and some glycerin. You just melt some of the
glycerin in your microwave and add ingredients
like honey and chocolate. And the result is
soap. Actually, it’s fun.

“What happened to your soap business?” you ask.

Not much. I backed off after I realized my
passion for soap isn’t a high as I thought it
would be, and after I realized how hard it
would be to sell soap as a guy. Somehow, it’s
a girls’ business.

I’ve just always been an “ideas person.” I
could never understand people saying things
like: “I want to start something, a cool
business, or a side income, but I just can’t
think of anything.”

“You gotta be kidding!” I thought to myself.
“I see more ideas than I can possibly take
advantage of. They’re everywhere.”

Now, this habit is dangerous.

“Why dangerous?” you ask. It’s dangerous
because it makes you pursue lots of different
ideas. You invest time and money. You cut
back on health. You cut back on time with
family and friends. You just go for it.

But it’s all useless UNLESS you get into the
habit of finishing things you have begun.

Actually, I hate to bring this news to you,
but it’s better to do nothing than to start
ten projects at the same time because you’re
overly enthusiastic or to jump from one
thing to the next. Never finishing. Never

In the end, unfinished projects don’t count.
They’re like shots you never made. They’re
not shots you made and missed. Because failing
implies you gave it all you got. That you
went all in. Which you certainly didn’t if
you got distracted on the way.

If you just try, you can never fail.

But you can’t succeed either.

So, my wife was right. I was great at
starting new things but I was miserable
at finishing them.

Today, it’s different.

I go all the way until I’m at the goal.
No matter what.

I learned to keep my ego in check and how
to use its amazing powers to my advantage
without letting it control me. I feel on
track to prosperity now. And I see it
by looking at my bank account.

I must tell you… I didn’t arrive here
all on my own. I had help.

After some time, I found the answer to
starting a lucrative career as a freelance
email copywriter. But here’s what’s even
more important: this resource taught me
to follow through. To finish things.

Finishing things takes willpower,
imagination, and a realistic plan to
achieve your goals.

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Stay tuned.


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