She Chose Her Destiny Herself

A couple nights ago, I was watching a
mediocre martial arts movie. There was a
line that struck me.

Now, I rarely watch TV – maybe once or
twice per month. Although I do enjoy a great
movie from time to time, generally speaking,
TV is a waste of time for me.

So, it just so happened that I was browsing
the net on my iPad while the movie Forbidden
Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li was
running in the background. I was quite bored
with it. I’m not into fantasy, really.

Anyway, the movie was about a teenager who is
a fan of martial arts films.

He awakens in a village in ancient China and
starts learning kung fu to fight the evil Jade
Warlord. After his master Lu Yan is badly injured,
he keeps on fighting with his companions to get
a magic potion so his master can survive.

They get the potion and he lives on.

After Golden Sparrow, the girl he falls in love
with, is wounded in a fight, they bring her to
the king, a healer or something similar. I’m not
sure about all the details.

But, this special scene caught my attention.

I expected the girl to be healed in a few seconds
by some trick, simply because the movie was very
predictable up until that point.

So, they ask the long-bearded old man with healing
powers if he can do anything for her. Save her life

He just says: “No, she chose her destiny herself.”

Kind of sad and surprising at the same time.

But, he was right. The young heroine chose to die in
battle by risking her life for a greater cause.

It was HER choice.

She chose her destiny herself.

The same is true for all of us on our journey to
financial freedom.

We deserve the destiny that we decide on. It’s up
to us.

If you decide today is not a good day to write email
copy, so be it. You will stay where you are and life
will go on. No one cares. If you decide the time is
not right yet to get coached by people with
experience and a proven track record, so be it.

If you start taking the right action to get closer
to your goal – for example, by approaching potential
clients – you choose another destiny.

Don’t wait for something special to happen. Don’t
wait for your wake-up call. Don’t wait for the magic

The closest to a magic potion you will get is hidden
behind the link to John’s Masterclass at the end of
this email.

I’m giving you the tool. It’s up to you to use it
to achieve your dream.

You can see yourself as a hero on an important
journey like in epic movies.

For other people, it might not change a lot but for
you, it will change EVERYTHING.

Being your own boss, having time for your family,
never having to think about paying the bills…

It will change your life dramatically.

Start now.


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