A story about a man who was once frustrated

There was this guy.

He wanted to learn internet marketing. He was young and knew this stuff is the future.

So he set the goal to master online marketing.

But one question preyed on his mind.

Where can I really learn the profession of internet marketing?

Since the offered college degrees were crap, he thought.

They just can’t cope with the speed of the internet.

“I gotta go where the pros are, the guys that really make money with this. Agencies that specialize in online marketing. That’s where the game is being played by the pros – not by amateurs.”

And that’s what he did.

He took a job at one of the most successful agencies in the country he was living in. It was an agency that was in business for 8 years. It had over 3 million dollars in revenue, zero debt and was owned completely by the founders. It had prestigious clients.

He was motivated as hell.



Obsessed to learn from the 26 experienced employees there.

At first he did learn all kinds of new stuff.

But soon he was just…


He soon realized that agencies make good money but they’re not top notch – and especially in the B2B area – people don’t care about stats, testing, their results, etc.

They just send out shiny, boring emails without a specific goal. They just need to have some newsletter. Because other companies have one as well.

Completely stupid. But true.

Email marketing for 99 % of these agency & corporate guys ends with pushing the send button.

Our young fellow couldn’t believe it that successful companies with billions in revenue were in this game as amateurs. Among them some of the most renowed car manufacturers in the world.

It’s insane.

Forget about ROI on email marketing. These guys don’t even have their conversion rate defined.

They don’t look at the reports and if they do all they care about is the open rate and the click rate.

The young fellow – you guessed right – that’s me.

I soon realized most companies regardless of size suck at email marketing. And that’s great news for the rest of us.


That means in email marketing the underdog can beat multi-billion dollar companies by simply applying proven methods and constant testing to finetune their marketing approach. And following certain rules and concepts I will show you in my newsletter.

I guess this is the reason why so many of independent, clever and ambitious people go into the area of internet marketing.

Because it’s one of the few areas where curious, dedicated marketers really can have the edge over large corporations – not only in terms of cleverness but also in terms of speed.

If you are like me, still hungry for knowledge about everything surrounding the field of online marketing – especially email marketing – watch out.

The best place to learn about it isn’t in digital agencies – it’s the direct response guys, the internet marketers.

Because they are pushing constantly forward, they are courageous enough to test every new idea. And they are crazy enough to fail.

Or to paraphrase Steve Jobs:

The people who are crazy enough to think they can make money online are the ones who do.

This is not an motivational article.

I just want to tell you…

You are in the right place.

Forget college, marketing departments or advertising agencies if you want to really master this.

Instead, follow Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, John McIntyre and every other marketer you like.

Really dig deep and master this.

Use the free stuff.

Buy the products.

Go to the events.

And don’t give up.

One more thing…

While you learn and absorb new knowledge that’s our there…don’t forget to implement.

If you do, you will just be another guy moaning about the gurus.

It’s in your hand to become successful.

My job is to help you in the best way possible.

Right now, I am working on my first book – it will be published during the next days.

Watch out for the next emails.

I have something special for you.