Success Is 90% R&R

Many years ago when I was 9-teen, I trained Taekwondo. That’s a form of martial arts coming from Korea where you do a lot of kicks. So besides the fact that I loved it, it was also cool for showing off some impressive high kicks.

Interestingly, Taekwondo is also very common in North Korea. It’s a fundamental part of the military training in the North Korean army. Maybe even Kim Yong Un is able to deliver some roundhouse kicks. Trump better not underestimate Kim-bo Spice (in the style of MMA fighter Kimbo Slice).

But back to my training as a teenager. Do you know what the funny thing was? Do you know what almost every new student starting out wanted to know? Or what friends I talked to wanted to find out first? What they wanted was: The secret tricks. The shortcuts.

No one wanted to kick a focus mitt or punchbag for hours until the skin on his feet started peeling off.

It’s a similar situation with the copywriting crowd.

People are so hungry for tricks, for secrets and hidden success formulas. Looking for the magic pill is very common in internet marketing. But it’s also very common in B2B.

How often did a client come to me who wanted to increase his email list fast? A gazillion times. What did they have in mind? You’ll laugh about this.

They wanted to buy lists.

Bad idea.

Which is what I told them. There’s no shortcut. In fact, I told them they needed a long-term strategy. That they needed incentives. And that people who subscribed to their list on purpose were much more worth than useless lists of emails. Once I told them the bad news, they were disappointed. It was as if I had taken the magic cookie from them.

You see, being successful as a freelancer is not about finding that ONE secret that changes everything.

Being successful is about finding something that works, and building on that constantly. It’s about not getting tired. It’s about R&R. Can you guess what that stands for?

It stands for Rinse & Repeat.

Repeating what has worked over and over.

Ask yourself? What is it that you are good at? Something that has already worked for you on a small scale? Your next step? Simply doing more of it. Don’t overcomplicate things. And don’t forget to optimize on the way as you go along.

Your biggest challenge right now is probably how to get new clients. And one of the best way in 2018 is the social network LinkedIn.

If you want to get ideas on what you as a future or current copywriter can do to get clients from LinkedIn read the interviews on my blog. In these interviews successful freelance copywriter share not only their personal story but also some amazing strategies on how to get clients and be more productive.

And as you read the interviews, one thing will soon become clear. LinkedIn is the tool that most of them use to get new copywriting clients (if they don’t already have a network they can rely on from a previous job or copywriting position).

Some of them will be interviewed in 30 to 60-minute sessions for my new course on how to get copywriting clients with LinkedIn.

It’s so obvious why LinkedIn is a great choice. You don’t have to publish time-robbing blog posts. You don’t have to waste hours and hours and probably some money as well to create a website. Plus, you get the opportunity to find and contact the right people directly (try that on Facebook or Pinterest).

To tell you the truth, I am not the greatest expert on this topic. In order to give you the most practical advice I can, I will get the strategies and tips of copywriters already using LinkedIn successfully to fill up their pipeline.

If you want me to.

So, show me if you are interested in an interview series on getting clients through LinkedIn by joining the waiting list.

Join the waiting list.

Be awesome.

Haris Halkic

P.S. The regular price for the course will be $197. Everyone who joins the waiting list before the official launch gets an early bird discount of 20%. Get on the waiting list today.

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