Make Email Pay for It

“If you are in need of truly world-class
copywriting… you are probably going
to have to learn to do it yourself.”

That’s what Gary Halbert once wrote in
one of his legendary newsletter issues.


That might sound like a heavy blow to you
if you were already mapping out your future
info publishing empire trying to hire
copywriters on Upwork.

At least, it was like that for me.

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The Top 10 Ways How to Make Money Freelance Writing Email Series

 Businesses are investing an increasing amount of resources in email series and other forms of direct marketing day by day.

This scenario creates an excellent opportunity for the freelance copywriter with a talent for crafting emails.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make money in the email copywriting niche, and how to work on your skills to get better at it.

1. Putting Your Skills to Use for Ecommerce Retailers

John McIntyre and Neil Patel agree that email is a very powerful medium for driving ecommerce sales. Email has one of the highest ROI figures for marketing campaigns, delivering “good” or “excellent” results for 68% of companies.

If you have excellent email writing skills, ecommerce retailers need your help.

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