The Best Email Subject Lines Of All Times To Get Your Emails Opened


“73% of the buying decision is made at the point of the headline.” That’s what legendary copywriter Ted Nicholas said about this topic.

He even put it on his website.

Other world-class marketers Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert agree:

“The headline is the single most important element for any kind of advertising you might do.” – Dan Kennedy

“Headlines are where I spend more creative effort than any other aspect of my work.” – Gary Halbert

In email marketing where we use email subject lines, this is even truer. In a way they are the email marketing headlines. The email subject line is the gateway to prosperity.

If you can write catchy email subject lines, your emails will get opened.

ONLY if your readers open your emails are they able to read them. Only then can you generate sales.


Still, too many marketers see attention grabbing subject lines as something you do ASAP – after all, it’s just a sentence, right?

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A present for you

A few months ago, my friend Michael was in
problems. He was in debt and saw no easy way
out. He and his wife were expecting their
first child which would make the financial
situation even worse.

He hated his job and wished to stop merely
surving and striving.

Michael felt he had yet to start living as
a free man.

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