Selling Soap as a Guy

She said: “I’m sick of it. You need to finish
something.” – These are the words my wife said
to me in December of 2016 shortly after our

She got tired of me starting something just to
abandon it for something even more promising.
After a while, she had trouble keeping up with
my various endeavors. I would get an idea, start
out a new path, and then get another idea and
follow it. It was confusing to watch.

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“I got **** octopus coming out of my ears.”

– “I quit.” he yelled at his boss.

Do you remember this scene from the movie
Scarface where Tony Montana, played by
Al Pacino, explodes? He has enough of
working for minimum wage in a small fast
food outlet.

The story revolves around a Cuban
immigrant named Tony Montana who comes
to the U.S. as a refugee.

As he is chasing the American dream, he
realizes during that night shift, he
will never make it this way.

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The Top 10 Ways How to Make Money Freelance Writing Email Series

 Businesses are investing an increasing amount of resources in email series and other forms of direct marketing day by day.

This scenario creates an excellent opportunity for the freelance copywriter with a talent for crafting emails.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make money in the email copywriting niche, and how to work on your skills to get better at it.

1. Putting Your Skills to Use for Ecommerce Retailers

John McIntyre and Neil Patel agree that email is a very powerful medium for driving ecommerce sales. Email has one of the highest ROI figures for marketing campaigns, delivering “good” or “excellent” results for 68% of companies.

If you have excellent email writing skills, ecommerce retailers need your help.

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Writing copy is helluva drug

A few months ago, I had no clue
I would be a copywriter today.

Actually, it’s John‘s fault.

It kind of happened by accident
(I‘ll tell that story another time).

Today my wife probably thinks
I’m a little bit crazy although she
is too polite to say it. I can‘t blame

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