She Chose Her Destiny Herself

A couple nights ago, I was watching a
mediocre martial arts movie. There was a
line that struck me.

Now, I rarely watch TV – maybe once or
twice per month. Although I do enjoy a great
movie from time to time, generally speaking,
TV is a waste of time for me.

So, it just so happened that I was browsing
the net on my iPad while the movie Forbidden
Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li was
running in the background. I was quite bored
with it. I’m not into fantasy, really.

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The Advice My Father Gave Me

My father is a retired man. He is a
great man. Having achieved a lot under
very difficult circumstances.

He moved away from home at 15 years of
age, leaving behind his home village
because of poverty and the wish to escape
it. At first, he moved to Slovenia, which
was part of former Yugoslavia.

But to him, it was still a foreign country
because he spoke no Slovenian. After a
couple years, he moved to Germany, as it
offered even more opportunity. He was
determined to make his dream happen.

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Falling Is Not Funny

Yesterday, I read the following quote
by Richie Branson:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules.
You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

At first, I thought: “Yeah, that’s the
attitude of a true entrepreneur. Dressing
like an ass-tronaut. Dicktating the terms of
your life and so on.”

But then I realized it was horse shit. And
the smile on my face vanished.

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The Best Email Subject Lines Of All Times To Get Your Emails Opened


“73% of the buying decision is made at the point of the headline.” That’s what legendary copywriter Ted Nicholas said about this topic.

He even put it on his website.

Other world-class marketers Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert agree:

“The headline is the single most important element for any kind of advertising you might do.” – Dan Kennedy

“Headlines are where I spend more creative effort than any other aspect of my work.” – Gary Halbert

In email marketing where we use email subject lines, this is even truer. In a way they are the email marketing headlines. The email subject line is the gateway to prosperity.

If you can write catchy email subject lines, your emails will get opened.

ONLY if your readers open your emails are they able to read them. Only then can you generate sales.


Still, too many marketers see attention grabbing subject lines as something you do ASAP – after all, it’s just a sentence, right?

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Make Email Pay for It

“If you are in need of truly world-class
copywriting… you are probably going
to have to learn to do it yourself.”

That’s what Gary Halbert once wrote in
one of his legendary newsletter issues.


That might sound like a heavy blow to you
if you were already mapping out your future
info publishing empire trying to hire
copywriters on Upwork.

At least, it was like that for me.

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ASAP Yourself, Boss! I Want My Life Back.

A few months ago, my boss came to me with
an urgent customer request that had to be
dealt with immediately. An important
customer. Escalation potential. Blah.
Blah. Blah.

“I was just about to go home. Why do I care
about the damn client?”

That’s what I should have said to my boss.
Unfortunately, I had to shut my mouth and
stay in the office longer than usual.

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Selling Soap as a Guy

She said: “I’m sick of it. You need to finish
something.” – These are the words my wife said
to me in December of 2016 shortly after our

She got tired of me starting something just to
abandon it for something even more promising.
After a while, she had trouble keeping up with
my various endeavors. I would get an idea, start
out a new path, and then get another idea and
follow it. It was confusing to watch.

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No Easy Way Out

I almost put the door out of it‘s
angles when I entered the living room.

Naida looked up. She wasn’t sure if I
was either angry or energetic.

“I hate this job! I have to change

My face left no doubt how angry I was.

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“I got **** octopus coming out of my ears.”

– “I quit.” he yelled at his boss.

Do you remember this scene from the movie
Scarface where Tony Montana, played by
Al Pacino, explodes? He has enough of
working for minimum wage in a small fast
food outlet.

The story revolves around a Cuban
immigrant named Tony Montana who comes
to the U.S. as a refugee.

As he is chasing the American dream, he
realizes during that night shift, he
will never make it this way.

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