That Nasty Watermelon Almost Made Me Cry

One evening in Spring of 2016, when I was shopping for groceries after work I almost cried. The reason for this was a rather small watermelon in a supermarket.

It’s not that I dislike watermelons. In fact, I enjoy eating them a lot. They are my favorite fruit (together with oranges). Plus, they are scarce because you can only get them during summer season where I live. Compared to oranges that are available throughout the whole year.

And although I love watermelons, this one was the most bitter watermelon in my whole life.

Here’s what happened,

At that time in my life I was very short on money. I had still over 20,000 Euro debt from a failed startup and no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t getting ahead. It was extremely difficult.

During that time, I had to pay attention to every Euro I spent. So, when I entered that supermarket I was determined to spend a maximum of 5-6 Euros. Having only 15 Euros in my pocket and being in the red on all bank accounts it was clear I can’t afford to loose money.

I just wanted to buy some discounted fruits. Walking through the ALDI store (a German discount store) I noticed the small watermelons with a price tag of 2.29€.

“That’s a good price! It’s time for the first watermelon this year”, I thought – proud to have discovered that bargain after a long day in the office.

The awakening came at the cashier. To my shock, it was the price PER KILOGRAM which I didn’t see for some strange reason. I ended up paying 5.49 Euros for the small watermelon.

My first idea was to return it. But I felt too ashamed. Not only because of the people in line but much more because of my family. There I was, a grown up man with a solid education not being able to afford a measly watermelon.

I was angry at myself. But I decided to take the watermelon with me. Despite my financial situation. I wanted it too hurt. To have this watermelon remind me of this horrible feeling. I wanted to gain strength and motivation from remembering this experience.

So, I took it with me. Eating it I didn’t taste the sweetness that watermelons usually brings with them. For me, it was bitter all the way through. And it almost made me cry.

Because not having money even for the simplest and most basic things in life makes you feel impotent in a way. It worries and limits you.

In my home country Bosnia we have a saying: ‘Covjek bez novca je pola bolestan.“

That means: ‘A person without money is half sick.’

Meaning that even if you are 100% healthy being in financial problems can and will affect your health sooner or later. It will make you sick.

To my knowledge, there are only two ways to prevent that pressure that’s on you to break you.

1. Keep a positive mental attitude.
2. Find ways to better your situation.

I found that answer in copywriting and infopublishing. It gives me the freedom and the opportunity to eat watermelons that taste unbelievably sweet.

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Haris Halkic

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