The 10 Most Amazing Quotes From Anik Singal


Who is Anik Singal? Anik is a highly successful internet entrepreneur whose focus is on email marketing and copywriting. His company Lurn runs the Lurn Center (Rockville, MD) which helps people make their dream of starting their own online business come true.

These are my 10 Favorite Quotes From Anik Singal:

1. “In today’s world, what is the #1 asset anyone can have? – It’s information.”

2. “Digital publishing is, quite simply, the three steps you take to monetize information: 1. Find a topic. 2. Gather information. 3. Monetize information.”

3. “Impossible is only an opinion.”

4. “You can begin to generate millions of dollars by simply giving away information.”

5. “Every successful business person must be able to sell through the written word.”

6. “I quickly learned that the key was to simply release more information products. My income would take a major jump every time I expanded my arsenal of online courses.”

7. “Don’t try to reinvent something that works well. Just copy and paste the steps you are taught and focus on your execution.”

8. “To really take your profits to the next level, you will hear me use this term many times: Funnel. A funnel is a group of products that are strategically sold, one by one, to existing customers.”

9. “Promoting or endorsing a product to your email list is one of the best ways to maintain and further build that relationship with your list.”

10. “Redirecting new subscribers to a blank Thank You page is a big mistake that is made all the time on the Internet.”

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