The Advice My Father Gave Me

My father is a retired man. He is a
great man. Having achieved a lot under
very difficult circumstances.

He moved away from home at 15 years of
age, leaving behind his home village
because of poverty and the wish to escape
it. At first, he moved to Slovenia, which
was part of former Yugoslavia.

But to him, it was still a foreign country
because he spoke no Slovenian. After a
couple years, he moved to Germany, as it
offered even more opportunity. He was
determined to make his dream happen.

And he did it. He achieved his financial
life goals through hard work, frugality,
and self-discipline. I am very proud of him.

Yet, having time to think about his life and
his decisions, sometimes, there are things
he regrets.

The most common one he talked to me about
last weekend:

“Son, don’t make the same mistake I made
when I was young.”

“What mistake?”

“Don’t spend too much time away from home,
spend as much time with your children as you
can. Especially during the first years.”

“I made this mistake and I regret it. But,
it can‘t be undone.”

I could see the sad look on his face. This
made me think about questions like…

How can I prevent regretting later on what I
should have done earlier?

How can I spend more time with my family?

How can I avoid being sorry and thinking: “I
never saw my kids”?

You know, you can’t buy time. There is no money
in the world that can bring you back the time
you missed playing and laughing with your child.

It’s an awful feeling having to regret the fact
that you didn’t prioritize differently in your
later days. Knowing it’s too late now.

“But, that’s not my fault”, you say. “I have to
make money and go to work.”

Well, not exactly.

Truth is, you need money. You won’t come far on
social welfare.

But, the way you chose to make that money is up
to you.

You DO have a choice.

So, don’t cry about how you can’t spend time with
your children because of your job and boss.

Let me ask you a question:

Are there people making a living without being

Yes, of course.

Take all the freelancers, business owners,
investors, artists, doctors, etc.

The list is endless.

Which brings us to the most important question of

How did you end up in your office working for
someone else helping him to create HIS dream?

What happened?

Did they tell you it’s the normal, reasonable
path you ought to take?

Did you follow the line of least resistance?

It doesn’t matter anymore.

I’m here to tell you that it’s natural to have
NO job. To work for yourself. If you can’t start
working full-time on your dream, do it part-time.

Of course, even when working for yourself, there
will always be customers you have to satisfy.

But, it’s so much more rewarding to offer help to
others, create something of value and get paid
for it, read positive feedback, grow your income,
and be able to afford things you almost didn’t
think were possible for you.

I‘m here to tell you it is possible.

Just read the interviews on my blog with freelance
copywriters. That should prove it even to the
greatest skeptic.

How can you make it happen for you?

Follow One System Until Successful.

If you do that, you will achieve your goals.

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