The Blind Waiter

A few years ago, I went to a “blind café” where it is completely dark so you can’t see a freaking thing. The waiters are all blind. It’s really a great way to experience how they live every day.

And it makes you really grateful for everything you have in life after you get out. It’s just so hard to even drink a coffee in the dark.

Today this situation makes me think of all the people who want to become a successful copywriter or get more clients to book that Bahamas vacation with their wife without having to overdraft their bank account or save the whole year.

They are lost in the online ocean. But why? To a large part it’s their inability to find people who have walked in their shoes and learn from their experiences.

You don’t have that problem because I have done all the work for you. I have found, convinced and interviewed successful copywriter from all around the world. From all niches and background. Some started part-time while relying on a full-time job. While others went all in or had to find a way because they lost their job.

What’s even more important. I have asked them the questions that are most relevant for starters. But even many experienced copywriters have told me how much they enjoyed the tips in the interviews.

So, this is a resource you should use to your advantage. It’s 100% free. The next step is to find a mentor that can teach you how to do it (not me, I’m too busy right now).

The mentor I’d like you to consider is Matt Ambrose who started his freelance copywriting career in 2006.

Matt managed to:

  • Grow a client list that includes major international brands, such as Siemens, Technicolor, Deutsche Post and Sage
  • Grow his fees from $0 to $600 per day, and rising
  • Charge $5,000 for a 40 minute VSL, and push his monthly earnings to $10,000.
  • Be listed among the top 100 copywriters in the world and be included on direct response legend Bob Bly’s referral list

And in his book he’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Develop your copywriting skills from ZERO (if you are starting out)
  • Create a portfolio of samples that will win over prospects
  • Design and develop a professional looking website, and not one that screams“cheapskate!“
  • Work out what to charge
  • Knowing where to find clients willing to pay you what you deserve (hint – it’s not on freelance bidding sites)
  • How to turn one off projects into ongoing retainers (vital for a stable long-term income)

You can get it here.

Talk to you soon

Haris Halkic

P.S. You’re still undecided, aren’t you? You don’t think it will help you, right? You know what? It might help. That should be all you need to give it a try. Like the great Jim Rohn used to say: “The book you don’t read, won’t help.” Check Matt’s book out.

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