Why I Should Charge You $4,995 For This Email

Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad. One
decides to jump into the water.

How many are left? Two. He decided to jump
but never jumped.

How about you? What is stopping you? Are
you scared of everything that could go
wrong or of failing?

The truth is, by definition, you have to
start SOMEWHERE. It might as well be
right HERE.

The perfect moment has come when you decide
it has come. Take control of your destiny.
The only way to do it is by acting.

Make no mistake, there’s no way to find out
if your ideas have the potential to make you

Only two things can give you clarity.

Two things that have made all copywriters.

Two words.

I guess I should sell them to you for $4,995
so you get their importance.

But, you’ll be mad at me for sending you an
email with just 2 words (although I would not

Ok, here they are:

Validation & Testing.

If you need an explanation:

Doing stuff in order to find out if it works,
if not doing other stuff.

Speed is an important factor. Since our time
on earth is limited, that’s always the case.
And if something can undoubtedly give you a
shortcut in email copywriting, it’s following
the right person and the right system.

It’s crucial that you find out what doesn’t
work as soon as possible. Only then are you
mentally free to work on something else.

You need to step out into the world and get
something done. You can’t get ahead by writing
lists and saving files on your computer.

Go out there and claim your spot in the world.

If you want a shortcut, don’t find everything
out on your own. That’s stupid. Go to somebody
who has been there. Someone who has walked
the path you are on right now.

Here’s what I want you to do:

1. Go to themcmethod.com

2. Click Masterclass.

3. Buy the product.

4. Follow every step it teaches you.

5. Come back and thank me (optional).

John is one of the greatest email copywriters
in the world. And contrary to most of the other
guys out there, he’s willing to share his
knowledge without holding anything back.

You’re looking for a proven path to the freedom
email copywriting can give you, aren’t you?
Then get John’s Masterclass now.

P.S. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for
30 days without risking a penny. Go through it,
apply what you learned. Compare it with anything
you can find online about email copywriting.
THEN decide.

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