Writing copy is helluva drug

A few months ago, I had no clue
I would be a copywriter today.

Actually, it’s John‘s fault.

It kind of happened by accident
(I‘ll tell that story another time).

Today my wife probably thinks
I’m a little bit crazy although she
is too polite to say it. I can‘t blame

I write pages and pages of ads
out in my own handwriting. I read
English ads out loud (I live in Germany).
I don’t spend my lunch break with my
colleagues at the agencies (they are
really nice). Instead I write emails on
my iPhone.

In every three minute I listen to
podcasts with earphones plugged
in even while shopping for groceries.

Do I care if the cashier is annoyed that
I don’t really listen and just show my
credit card? Or that I sometimes say
goodbye louder than necessary because
I think they can‘t hear me well? Hahaha,
happens when you‘re tune up the
volume of John McIntyre‘s podcast.

John is the guy that got me started.

I immediately liked his down-to-earth
personality and copywriting skills.

It’s his fault that I‘m an addict now. A
copywriting addict.

And you will be too once you start. The
real pleasure is in creating not merely

If you can’t go to bed without reading a
great direct mail piece or without writing
at least a few paragraphs, then you know
you‘re on track.

Here’s the best part:

This stuff works.

It’s like a superpower.

And not some lame superpower like being
able to look through walls, shooting arrows
or reading thoughts.

The art of copywriting is the greatest
power you can possess. So, if you ever
encounter a fairy, wish for
outstanding copywriting skills. I‘m serious.

With copywriting you can build an empire
if you want to (and lots of people have
done it). Or you can work from your
basement. Or from Malibu beach. It’s
completely your choice.

But you know what is stupid?

Jumping into the cold water. Then
figuring out how to swim. Or drowning
if it takes too long. It’s way better to
learn copy with the help if someone
who’s already done it.

It’s not only knowing what to do. Knowing
what not to do is equally important.
Unless you do, you will waste time with
useless exercises and books.

Find someone who can tell you the
exact steps in the RIGHT order. That’s
invaluable in the start.

Becoming a copywriter is possible for
you too.


P.S. I know you are already familiar with
John‘s Masterclass? Why haven’t you
taken action? Take a look at his
masterclass. Actually, don’t just look,
buy it. Make no mistake, email copywriting
is NOT the same as ”normal“ copywriting.
John is one of the few people I know
who can teach it.

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